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Bhakti Sadhna


Bhakti Sadhana Practice (sadhana) of Devotion
Sadhana is practice to focus our mind (internal and external) to gain full control of it and directing it to concentrate on something.
Continuous sadhana is very essential to maintain the purity of body, senses, desires, mind and conscience and restrain the instincts. The sadhana ensures a healthy body and controlled senses, desires and purified mind and conscience can concentrate in one direction. Common people think sadhana is for achievement of some occult power (siddhi) but in reality sadhana is for purification (shuddhi). sadhana purifies the conscience, subconscious mind because of which human beings gain special abilities such achievements are called siddhi and to achieve such extra abilities some perform the sadhana.
This effect of such sadhana lasts for many lifetimes, sometimes people get the fruit of action in the current birth. The ceaseless sadhana creates impression in the conscience called sanskaar. The thoughts and deeds create impressions (sanskaar). Good one creates good sanskaar and bad one creates bad sanskaar. Some kids from their early childhood display better behaviour. They are distressed to see other people in pain and also have natural inclination towards God. These are sign of good impression on conscience (sanskaar) in previous births. While some other kids from their early childhood display cunningness and cruel behaviour. These are reflection of previous birth bad impression. The good or bad impressions of previous lives are still carved in the conscience which affects this birth. So in order to get rid of bad impressions and speed up the creation of new good impression one must do sadhana which is very essential. Those who know the importance of Sadhana they pay attention towards it. There are who have slightest idea about Sadhana, they do not get the proper direction on living and hence though human being, they behave like animals (following instincts). Satsang- Association with people who knows truth is required to know the value of Sadhana (sadhana). Association of saints or true guru (one who has experienced truth and can eliminate the darkness) the human life gets right direction and thus changes the state of living. Like the an iron piece has no magnetic force because all its electrons are not aligned but when rubbed with a magnet in one direction , all its electrons align in one direction and it gains the magnetic force and in the process the magnet does not lose its magnetic power. Thus a magnet can change an ordinary iron piece into a magnet.
In the same way, the instincts of human beings go in all directions, by sadhana (practice) it gains right direction and this creates great powers which people called siddhis( extra sensory achievements). Such sadhana if performed under the guidance of Satguru (one who has experienced truth and can eliminate the darkness) then the instincts are directed towards God realization and such a person can experience God realization and this is called bhakti sadhana Devotion Practice.
Through Bhakti Sadhana one can realize soul and then God and ultimate abode Paramdham. In devotion there is submission and surrendering. Total surrendering of the self is possible by love only that is why bhakti sadhana is also called prem sadhana. The seeker practitioner whose instincts are not directed towards God, when they achieve the siddhis (extra sensory abilities), they get excited and they think they have accomplished their mission and they get deviated from the main objective and go for materialist benefits. Most of the practitioners are interested in gaining physical or materialistic gains and to achieve this they go through difficult sadhana. Their effort does not go in vain, but when one can achieve the Supreme Bliss and Supreme God, then to long for such small benefits is nothing but ignorance. Thus the great seekers gave importance to prem sadhana and inspired others to follow it. For prem sadhana Mahamati Prannath ji says
प्रेम ऐसी भांत सुधारे, ठौर बैठे पार उतारे ।।
(Prēma aisī bhānta sudhārē, ṭhaura baiṭhē pāra utārē)
Love improves a person in such a way, sitting in this perishable world, crosses the soul to beyond.
पंथ होवे कोटि कलप, प्रेम पहुँचावे मिने पलक ।।
(Pantha hōvē kōṭi kalapa, prēma pahum̐cāvē minē palaka)
The other spiritual path can take millions of eons but love takes in blink of eye.
प्रेम खोल देवे सब द्वार, पारके पार पियाके पार।।
(Prēma khōla dēvē saba dvāra, pārakē pāra piyākē pāra)
Love opens all the doors beyond of beyond to the beloved of beyond.
By cleansing the internal mind and the conscience, the love sprouts.The love has so much power that the soul residing in the current physical body can experience the Paramdham. The external sadhana/penances without love, tried million times cannot do this but prem sadhana, the love can do it in a split of a moment that is why the path of love is supreme. The prem sadhana practice of love is performed from heart and unless the heart is not purified one cannot attain Lord Supreme. Thus the heart must be involved in purification of the self.
Mahamati Prannathji says तोलों ना पिउ पाइए, जालों न साधे दिल ।। until the heart is purified (through sadhana), beloved cannot be attained. The heart is the source of love but the impurities in the mind/conscience does not allow us to reach it. By sadhana when all the internal mind stuff and conscience is purified, it becomes receptive to the feelings of the heart. Heart is the source of Love and is filled with love, it is ocean of love. The impurities in the mind become the obstacle to reach the heart. The prem sadhana gets rid of these hurdles and what we will find! We will find the self, residing in this heart. Our soul dwells in this heart. This heart is also chamber of bliss. The presence of the soul in the heart has made it the source of love. The original source of love is Absolute Supreme ultimate soul Lord Shri Krishna. Since we are bliss part of Him we are also form of love. The heart of the perishable body realizing the presence of soul immerses itself in love. When we rise above the body consciousness and become soul conscious then we will know the reality of our self. This is called sadhana of heart. The way the heart is the abode of the soul and it is also the residence of the Supreme.
Mahamati Prannath has said the heart of the Brahmatma (celestial soul) is ultimate abode of Lord Supreme Brahm i.e. Paramdham and such souls are called the heart with supreme abode. This means the celestial souls Brahmatmas maintain the sketch of the Supreme Absolute Lord in their heart and always feel closer to their beloved Lord and Supreme Lord of Paramdham resides in their heart.
The seekers must aim to make their heart Paramdham which is possible only through love. The extreme love for Lord is called devotion bhakti. There is not much difference in bhakti and prem and thus prem sadhana and bhakti sadhana are considered one. The one in whose heart resides the Supreme Brahm that seeker has attained the real fruit of sadhana. That is why lets pay attention to prem or bhakti sadhana and not waste our lives in gaining any other physical/materialistic sadhana. Let us sketch the Supreme Brahm in our heart and make it Paramdham.

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