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Jagadguru Acharya Shri 108 Krishnamaniji Maharaj
            Bhakti bhaj element when suffixed with ktin we get the word bhakti which means devotion. The bhaj element is meant as service and service means surrendering thus bhakti- devotion implies surrendering. Total surrendering to Supreme Lord is bhakti or devotion. Total surrendering means to become suitable for God. To rise above I and Mine and to suit oneself to be suitable and favorable to God and perform all activities as per His will is called devotion.
            The game of world is a sport of God (Absolute Supreme Brahm). There are two types of sport one is intimate (antarang) and another is exoteric or external (bahirang). The sports or leela of ultimate, absolute abode of Supreme Brahm Paramdham are called intimate leela. The sport or leela of Akshar who is truth embody of the Supreme Brahm is called bahirang exoteric leela. The exoteric leela are of two types one that is changing and another which is not changing. Through the power of Akshar Brahm in various forms the sport that take place in indivisible, whole, imperishable abode are akhand (whole, everlasting, eternal) leela or sport, these are not changing leelas. And the creation of perishable world through nature where creation, sustainance and death takes place is changing leela. Thus even the perishable sport leela by Akshar Brahm is also the sport of the Supreme Brahm.
            When Akshar Brahm manifests his apara prakriti nature then it is His consciousness (part of Himself) enters into the creation as Bhagavan Narayan. The trio Brahma Vishnu Mahesh and other many devi devatas (angels) are created by mere resolution of Bhagavan Narayan. Thus in the creation build out of apara prakriti Akshar Brahm sends part of the self as paraprakriti which is jeev chetana means consciousness. Thus the consciousness of Akshar Brahm manifests as Pranav Brahm and goes to many and diverse universes. For these consciousness four headed Brahma creates body. Lord Vishnu takes care of their sustenance and bhagavan Shankar destroys the body created by Brahma and thus maintains the balance of the creation.
            The exoteric sport of Supreme Brahm are thus of two main types. The mortal universes which is always changing is kshar leela perishable sport. The whole, indivisible, Akhand is eternal and everlasting and hence is called Akshar leela or imperishable sport. The imperishable and everlasting cannot be manifested in the mortal world and hence is called Avyakt leela unmanifested or unexpressed sport. Thus in scriptures this sport is described as avyakt leela (unmanifested sport) and Akshar brahm as Avyakt Brahm (unmanifested Supreme) and since He cannot be described or expressed in terms of mortal world, He is also called Nirgun Brahm which means who has no attributes.
All the sports that is executed in eternal imperishable land and also in perishable and mortal world originally is of Supreme Brahm's sport because they are exoteric hence it is called Akshar Brahm's leela or executing Supreme- karya Brahm's leela. The leela or sport that takes place in Paramdham is intimate leela is called swaleela (the sport of the self). All the leelas/sports are of Supreme Brahm as Akshar Brahm is embody of the Supreme Brahm.
            In all three sports all the varied forms appearing are originally of Supreme Lord. The one that appears in mortal world is kshar swaroop (perishable form), in imperishable abode is Akshar swaroop (imperishable form) and that in Paramdham is Aksharateet Swaroop. In this way, there is only one Supreme God but there is difference in their sports (leela) it is called kshar,akshar, aksharateet. It is very necessary to know the reality of Supreme Brahm, His form and leelas/sports, to achive it the great personages has advised two path one is of Gyaan wisdom and second is Bhakti devotion.
Through wisdom one can understand the sport and form of the Supreme and through Bhakti devotion one can attain Him or experience Him. This wisdom of the Supreme in Shri Krishna Pranami Dharm is called Tartam gyaan and such type of Bhakti(devotion) is called Premlakshana Bhakti (devotion with love). This topic deals with devotion.
To be in extreme love with Supreme Brahm is called bhakti.
saa tu asmin param prem roopa (narad bhakti sootra 2)
Though bhakti originally is one but appears three types thus
bhakti trividha prokta saguna nirguna para
bhakti devotion are of three types and they are 1) saguna (with attributes), 2 nirguna (with no attributes) and 3) para .
There is only one Supreme God.
paar piya to ek hai -Mahamati Prannath
The beloved of beyond is only One
but because of difference in sports there are three forms Kshar, Akshar and Aksharateet. Similarly the devotion bhakti to attain the Supreme Lord is also one and only one but the devotion which leads to experience of kshar swaroop (Narayan) is called Saguna Bhakti and devotion that leads to Akshar swaroop is called Nirguna Bhakti and that which leads to original form of Supreme God or Lord of Aksharateet is called Para bhakti.
Saguna bhakti
            The form of Supreme in mortal universe is made of 5 elements and has 3 attributes (sat,raj, tam) and hence is called sagun form. In Sagun form includes Bhagavan Narayan, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh and other various avtaars and devi and devatas(angels). All these are ever changing. The 14 lokas (plains of exitence) and eight coverings (astavaran) entire universe is ever changing, momentous and perishable similarly Devi Devatas, Avtaar of Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh and origin of all of them, Bhagavan Narayan is also changing. Because of this changing nature this form of God is called Kshar swaroop (perishable form), Kshar brahm, Sagun brahma etcs.
The devotion which experiences this Sagun form is called Saguna bhakti and they are mainly 9 kinds of bhakti. Because of vastness of this topic we will not discuss the 9 types of saguna bhakti.
Nirgun Bhakti
            The form of Absolute and Supreme Brahm in exoteric imperishable sport is called Akshar, scriptures mention the same as Avyakt Brahm or Nirgun Brahm. Akshar Brahm's form is not made of 5 (tatwa)elements and 3 (gun) attributes that is why called Nirgun(attribute less). But attributesless Nirgun or unmanifested avyakt does not imply nothingness and formless. Even niraakar does not mean without any aakar(shape). Niraakar means the form of the Supreme which is not expressed as 5 elements and 3 attributes. Due to lack of understanding people implied niraakar as formlessness and thus the Supreme God is formless became popular notion.
            The form of Supreme Brahm is not worldly sakar (5 elements and3 attributes) or niraakar but is of sachidanand form. The exoteric sports form is Akshar Brahm and the bhakti devotion that experiences Him is called Nirgun bhakti. Nirgun bhakti are of 8 types and these are called ashtang yog (eight parts of yog).
            The ignorant people understand Akshar as attributeless, formless and the devotion which experiences the Nirgun Brahm is called Nirguna bhakti and aim of ashtang yog practice is to experience Nirgun Brahm. This falacy is spread extensively.In reality to experience the immortal form of Supreme Brahm the Nirguna bhakti or ashtang yog is advised. One can experience the unchanging, imperishable Akshar form through this bhakti. We are not going to discuss the eight parts of yog and hence we have just mention it over here.
Para Bhakti
            Para bhakti enables the devotee to experience the form of Supreme Brahm in his intimate sport or in sport of Paramdham. The Supreme soul is form of love
(Prem Brahm dou ek hai Love and Supreme Brahm God is one Mahamati Prannath) thus is said.His leela is also called sport of love. That is why Parabhakti is called Premlakshana bhakti (Devotion along with love). Many great people have describe Parabhakti in different ways and says they are also of different kinds but in love all the differences are disappear or dissolve thus Premlakshana bhakti becomes absolute and one type and thus parabhakti and premlakshana bhakti are not different and they are one.
            This premlakshana bhakti is first found in Gopis in Braj and Narad when composing bhakti sootra (devotion formula) has given the bhakti of Gopi as an example. The Gopis totally surrendered themselves to Shri Krishna. What is suitable to Shri Krishna they favored that. Gopis thought their mere existence is for Shri Krishna and that is why the devotion of Gopis is in reality the devotion.
To allow Akshar to experience the intimate sport of Supreme Brahm's leela in Paramdham with his supreme souls and to experience the souls from intimate sport to experience the exoteric sport of Akshar, the Absolute Supreme Brahm performed the Braj and Raas sport. To allow all to experience braj, raas and jaaganee together he arranged jaagani leela and for this he granted tartam gyaan and premlakshana bhakti.
            Through tartam gyaan one can know the perishable, imperishable and aksharateet forms and braj, raas , jaagani and leelas of paramdham and through the prem lakshana bhakti one can experience braj, raas , jaagani and leelas of paramdham. That is why premlakshana bhakti is called fruit bearing form.
phalrooptwaat (naaradbhakti sootra 26)
            Mahamati Prannath ji has said love and Supreme Brahm are of one form. In reality the abode of Brahm (Brahmdhaam) is love and through the leelas of Brahmdham love manifests. When Supreme Brahm sported his intimate sport (antarang leela) in this world the love also sprouted in this world otherwise Mahamati Prannath says, the love was not found even in trace in this world. First the celestial souls brought love in this perishable world. The Gopis in Braj were Supreme Brahm souls that is why Naradji exemplifies them.
Those soul who totally surrender themselves to the Supreme Brahm their heart is filled with love. Such soul immersed in the nectar of love cannot express their love through words. The love is manifested from their body, mind and soul and thus their speech,inclinations and behaviour reflect only love.
Mahamati Prannathji describes the climax of prem lakshana bhakti in the following couplets.
विचलीबुधमनचितमनुआ, ताएसबदसीधामुखक्योंआवे।।१
Immersed in the nectar of love so what can be sung?
Whose thinking mind, mind(desires), conscience has changed, for such one cannot utter a single word.
विचले नैन श्रवन मुख रसना, विचले गुन पख इन्द्री अंग ।
विचली भांत गई गत प्रकृत, विचल्यो संग भई और रंग ।।२
The eyes, ears and tasting mouth have changed , and the attributes- gun (sat,raj,tam) and three paksh and organs of senses have changed too. motion tendencies, intelligence- mati and the nature also have changed even the togetherness and am differently colored. (Got detached from world and united with the Supreme Lord).
विचली दिसा अवस्था चारों, विचली सुध ना रही सरीर ।
विचल्यो मोह अहंकार मूलथें, नैनों नींद न आवे नीर ।।३
The direction has changed , the four states of consciousness (awake, dreaming, profound sleeping, between sleeping and being awake) has changed too. The consciousness has changed too, the body does not exist (have become soul conscious). The attachment and ego have changed and uprooted, the eyes neither get sleep nor shed any tears.
विचल गई गम वार पारकी, और अंग न कछुए सान ।
पिया रसमें यों भई महामत, प्रेम मगन क्यों करसी गान ।।४
Now I have no consciousness of this end(perishable) and across (imperishable) and there is no curiosity to know it too. There is no sense of pride in the self, In the nectar of love of beloved have become higher intelligence, immersed in love how can sing songs?

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